Robert Nasuti


Despite years of college, I have no degree and feel the need to explain that here. I've transferred two different times and so have taken courses at Penn State, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Colorado. Every time I transferred I lost some general education credits, so despite having completed all the classes required by an ABET accredited undergraduate degree and about a Master's degree worth of Computer Science graduate courses, I have nothing to show for it. I'm working on getting some credentials from a local college, but until then the pertinent classes I've taken are listed below. Official transcripts are available upon request.

Course Grade
Intro to Programming A
Intro to Programming II A
Intermediate Programming A
Intro to Digital Systems A
Discrete Structures A
Programming Languages and Software Engineering A
Computational Models A
Data Structures and Algorithms A
Artificial Intelligence B+
Computer Architecture A
Parallel Computing and Programming A
Operating Systems A-
Design and Analysis of Algorithms A-
Computer Graphics B

I also enjoy math, so I've put those courses below as well.

Course Grade
Calculus I A
Calculus II B
Calculus III B
Linear Algebra B
Probability and Statistics B